I walked away from the fashion photography industry and redefined and rebranded my entire business in 2017 because I've found my soul elsewhere. As a wedding photographer now, I still styling concept shoots, basically for my soul because I love to have the creative freedom to produce my best work to create a different perspective in the wedding photography industry.

I thrive off passionate, infectious love, and shooting for the soul. You know, the type of shoot that only SOULFUL PHOTOGRAPHERS understand!!! Thrive Together Shootout is a fine art wedding conceptual shoot host by Selycia Yang Photography specifically for both digital and film wedding photographers and videographers who shared the same passion. Whether you are a amateur or established wedding photographer, Thrive Together Shootout is for those who wishing to build their brand with a gorgeous styled shoot and walk away with stunning imagery to curating their portfolio, as well as the opportunity to meet and network with local vendors and artists. 

Next 2019 shootouts:

a fine art curated Shootout with Selycia yanG Photography

 April 5th - SAVANNAH, GA

- purchase tickets here - sold out!

My talented team of creative industry professionals will create a beautifully styled set for you to shoot. My goal is to help flourish the growing sense of community among our wedding industry, and to connect, grow, and learn both, as photographers and as a business owners and in addition in networking with other attendees. You will leave the shootout feeling freshly inspired by the fine art styling, florals, and by each other, ready to conquer the upcoming wedding season with a new approach! 

All that is required for you to bring is your camera gear and a little creativity. In hopes of keeping my shootouts intimate, productive, and interactive, I will only accept a limited number of attendees (5-6 photographers). Please keep in mind my shootouts is not a mentoring session. You must know how to fully operate and understanding your camera.

Email me at selyciayang@live.com

- date tbd